With our Fraud Expert Checklist, you can set up a solution based on certain rules that you create in order to identify transactions that are potentially risky. Once you identify these transactions, you decide what action you wish to take. 

For example, you might want to set up a rule to say that, “If a transaction comes from a certain IP, block the transaction.” Or, “If a transaction is less than a particular amount, accept the transaction”. Instead of blocking or accepting a transaction, you may also decide to flag these transactions for manual review so that you can investigate them further. 

You can customize what these rules could be. We provide you with a wide range of rules on a checklist from which you can choose to create a solution that adapts to the type of risks you face in your business and in your industry. 

The most amazing thing about our Fraud Expert Checklist solution is that you can automate much of this process! This saves you precious time and allows you to process most of your transactions quicker and keep your customers happy.

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