Please bear in mind that for security reasons our platform automatically deactivates users that have not logged on for 60 days. However, an admin profile can reactivate inactive users anytime by following these steps.

If you have lost your password for our test/production environment, you can get a new one by yourself anytime, without being dependent on our support! 

To do so, go to either test / production, login screen and click on Lost your password?

Log in to lost your password

Then follow the instructions on the screen by entering your PSPID and the email address for your user in the respective PSPID.

to request new password enter your PSPID

Security question to request new password

Our system will then send you a password within a couple of minutes. Use this password to login to your account. You will have to change it once you have logged in to your account


  • Current password: enter the password you have sent received by email and used for logging in
  • New password: enter a new password by your choice. Please mind that certain requirements must be met as described in the lower part of the screen
  • Confirm new password: enter the new password from the New password field once more

If you have still trouble with changing your password, please get in touch with our support.