1. Use cases

Do you take payments by phone?

Imara’s Locksmith company doesn’t have a website or a developer and wants to take payment by phone

You can use the Virtual Terminal within the ePDQ back office to key in card data while the customer is on the phone - This is the quickest way to start processing transactions as this requires no integration.

Geoff’s Travel agency are trying to streamline their processes and don’t want to enter data manually into their booking system

Connecting your booking system to ePDQ allows the two systems to speak to each other. You can integrate ePDQ with pretty much any system via API (referred to as ‘Direct Link’ on ePDQ) (https://support.epdq.co.uk/en/integration-solutions/integrations/directlink)

Another solution would be to use the hosted payment page as a Virtual Terminal to process your phone payments, which can then generate feedback to your booking system in real time. This can be integrated using the ePDQ hosted payment page – Please contact ePDQ Support in order to request this (https://support.epdq.co.uk/en/integration-solutions/integrations/hosted-payment-page)

Sue’s Insurance company are struggling to field all of the calls from customers to make payment by phone and wants an automated solution

You can implement an automated telephony payment servicing, in which your customers are prompted to key in their card data into their key pad, by Integrating ePDQ with a third party provider of Intelligent Voice Recognition (IVR) software via API (https://support.epdq.co.uk/en/integration-solutions/integrations/directlink)

Are you looking to move away from payments by phone?

Jenkinson Accountants currently take payments by phone, they don’t have a website but would prefer to send an invoice email containing a payment link to their clients instead
Your customer clicks on a link in an email you create/ send and is taken to the payment page where they enter their card details. It’s more convenient and secure for both you and your customers. This can be integrated using the ePDQ hosted payment page (https://support.epdq.co.uk/en/integration-solutions/integrations/hosted-payment-page)

How about online payments?

The PC Shop have a website and a developer and would like to start accepting online payments, but don’t want to deal with sensitive card data or a complex integration
You can integrate your website with the ePDQ hosted payment page, so that cardholders are redirected to our secure payment page to enter their card details when they checkout (https://support.epdq.co.uk/en/integration-solutions/integrations/hosted-payment-page)

Steve’s Online Farm Shop takes payments on their website using the hosted payment page, but they aren’t satisfied with the look-and-feel of the page
ePDQ offers a responsive template for the hosted payment page, which will display nicely no matter what device your customer is using, and can be customised to reflect your all-important brand (https://support.epdq.co.uk/en/integration-solutions/integrations/hosted-payment-page#e_commerce_integration_guides_payment_page_look_and_feel)
For additional levels of customisation, please refer to the Flex Checkout integration method instead (https://support.epdq.co.uk/en/integration-solutions/integrations/flexcheckout)

The Food Lovers Society have a website built on an open-source eCommerce platform, such as WooCommerce

You can locate plugins from third party software providers online that link platforms such as this with ePDQ by searching for ‘ePDQ plugins’. Please note that Barclaycard does not recommend or accept liability for usage of any such third party products.

Car Accessories have a website and a developer and want to host their own payment page to have full control over the look and feel, but don’t want to come into contact with sensitive card data

By storing the card data on our systems initially in place of a token, you have the benefit of avoiding contact with sensitive information while still having full control over the look and feel of the payment page. The token can also be stored for future use if required (see the below examples for more information). ‘Flex Checkout’ is the name of this integration on ePDQ (https://support.epdq.co.uk/en/integration-solutions/integrations/flexcheckout)

Do you have returning or repeat customers?

Car Accessories then decide they want to offer their customers a login with saved card details, to make the checkout process as quick and simple as possible

ePDQ offers you the ability to securely store card data for future use upon your customers consent, which is an effective way to maximise your conversion rates. This functionality is referred to as ‘tokenisation’ (or ‘Alias Manager’ on ePDQ) (https://support.epdq.co.uk/en/integration-solutions/recurring-payments/alias-manager/).

Easy Mobile Top-Ups would like to securely store card details during the initial online payment, so that future top-up payments can be made without bothering the customer each time

ePDQ offers you the ability to securely store card data for future use upon your customers consent, which is a very convenient way to manage recurring and merchant-initiated payments. This functionality is referred to as ‘tokenisation’ (or ‘Alias Manager’ on ePDQ) (https://support.epdq.co.uk/en/integration-solutions/recurring-payments/alias-manager/).