As sophisticated as our Fraud Expert Checklist / CAP1 Service already is, our Fraud Expert Scoring / CAP 2 Service provides you with an even more comprehensive set of options for you to automate a lot more tasks and decision-making involved in protecting your business from fraudulent transactions.

With our Fraud Expert Scoring / CAP 2 Service, you get all the benefits of our Fraud Expert Checklist / CAP1 Service. This means that you can set up rules to help you identify transactions that are potentially risky and you can decide what to do with them. You can for example, block a transaction, if it breaks one of your rules, or you may still decide to accept it if certain conditions are met. You may also decide to flag particular transactions for you to investigate the transactions further. In most cases, you might need to do this manually. However, with our Fraud Expert Scoring (CAP 2) service, you can further automate much of this process to make it even easier for you!

We do this by using a scoring system to assess the risk associated with a transaction. Based on a given score, you can automatically decide to block or accept a transaction. You may even decide to subject that transaction to another automated procedure that determines whether you will ultimately block or accept it! If you are not sure how to handle particular transactions, you can always leave them for our fraud experts to assess and process for you.
Our Fraud Expert Scoring / CAP 2 Service is truly a unique solution available to power merchants who require one of the most advanced, flexible and customizable anti-fraud system there is today!

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