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4. Manage reports

4.1 View created reports

Once you have created one or more reports, you can view them on the “Electronic reporting” page.

4.2 Edit a report

4.2.1 Electronic reporting

If you want to change the file format used for your reports (i.e. all reports created by your user), you can click the “File format” link at the top of the “Daily reports” page (accessible through the “Electronic reporting” links in your account).

4.2.2 Financial history and View transactions

You cannot change the “Financial history” or “View transactions” settings for an existing report.

To change the search criteria and/or statuses you selected for a report in the “Financial history” or the “View transactions” page, you need to delete the report and create a new one.

4.2.3 Form parameters

In the “Daily reports” page (Electronic reporting), you can change the Name, Media, Destination and whether you want to receive a daily report even if it is empty (i.e. no transactions to report).

In order for the changes to take effect, you need to click the “Modify” button in the Operations column of the report.

4.3 Delete a report

To delete a specific daily report, you must click the “Delete” button in the Operations column for that report.

4.4 Resend a report

To resend a specific daily report, you can click the “Log” button in the "Operations" column of that report. Look up the report you want to resend and click the “Send again” button in the "Operations" column of the report.

A new line will appear for the report. The name of the report will be identical to the name of the original report.

The Date/Status column will be highlighted in red until the report has been successfully sent, then the column will turn green and indicate the exact date and time at which the report was sent to you.

This Log page gives you an overview of all reports that have been sent.

*Call Charges: The following is a guide to call charge information from Business landlines within the UK.

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