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2. Configuration of filename and format

You first need to configure the file format. You can do so via your account's top menu, in the following ways:

  • On account (PSPID) level:
    - Select "Operations" and choose "Electronic reporting" in the sub-menu. (Note: If you have already created one or more push reports in your account, “Electronic reporting” will show you a list of those reports. To access the “Electronic reporting” configuration page from there, you need to click the “File format” link at the top of the page.)
    - Select "Operations" and choose "View transactions", "Financial history" (or "View files") in the sub-menu. Then select "File format".
  • On user (USERID) level:
    - Select "Advanced" and choose "Users" in the sub-menu. Next, click "Edit" for the specific user. In the User's Data overview, select "Electronic Reporting for this User" at the bottom of the page.

The file structure and format can be defined for each user. When you configure the electronic reporting parameters for a user, this configuration will be applied to all reports set up by this user.

Specific fields will be returned in your report, depending on the file structure. A choice of four different file structures is available: Standard, Extended, File Management and Dynamic. You can also choose between three different return formats: XML, Fixed-length and Delimited (for the full description of the different structures, go to Reporting).

If you configure a file name, you can include dynamic parameters in it:

  • [DATE] for processing file previous date
  • [FILEDATE] for processing file date
  • [TIME] for processing file time.

Example: File[DATE]_[TIME] will be converted to File20140527_160952

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