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2. Delete and refund payments

2.1 Delete a payment

A payment deletion is the action of cancelling a payment request made to an acquirer. This is only possible for credit card payments. The deletion of a payment implies that the money normally is not withdrawn from the customer's bank account (neither debit nor credit performed on the customer's bank account).

Constraint: a payment may be deleted on the day of the data capture up until the cut-over time (as configured for your account). The cut-over time is when we send all payment requests to the acquirer. The cut-over time can vary depending on the acquirer, but is usually 16:00h or 24:00h CET. If the customer changes his mind after this deadline has expired, you will need to reimburse the money.

To delete a payment:

  1. Look up the transaction via "Operations > View transactions".
  2. Click the "Delete payment: XXXXXXXX/X" button at the bottom of the "Orders" tab.

Do you prefer automated operations?

  • Batch: send the operation code DES in field 10
  • DirectLink: send OPERATION=DES

2.2 Refund a payment

A refund implies that the money had initially been debited and was later credited back to the cardholder’s bank account. Both movements will appear on the cardholder’s statement.

  • The option needs to be activated for your account (to be requested to our Sales team).
  • Your acquirer must allow refunds.
  • Refunds must be possible for the specific payment method. The availability of the refund option depends on your subscription.

If your acquirer doesn't allow automated refunds, refunds must be performed directly by your acquirer.

How to refund a payment?

  1. Look up the transaction you want to refund via the "View transactions > Transaction details".
  2. Click on the “Refund” button which is displayed at the bottom of the "Orders" tab. You can also log a reason for the refund.
Do you prefer automated operations?
  • Batch: send the RFS operation code in field 10
  • DirectLink: send OPERATION = RFS 

Do you want to refund more than the paid amount?

For credit cards it's possible to make a refund for a higher amount than the originally paid amount. However, you need to bear the aforementioned constraints in mind, together with the possibility whether your credit card acquirer supports this "exceeding refund" possibility.

Also, the Partial maintenance option needs to be activated on your account, so that you can change the original amount in the transaction overview.

If you wish to make use of this functionality, you need to contact our Sales team.

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