Last update 10/03/2016

1. View transactions vs Financial history

Depending on the type of transaction results or report you're looking for, you will either use "View transactions" or "Financial history" to define and start a transaction lookup.

"View transactions" allows you to select and view transaction data. It is mainly used to locate a specific transaction and potentially perform maintenance on it (e.g. execute a data capture on an authorised order, or refund a captured transaction).

"Financial history" allows you primarily to view day by day lists of (actions performed on) transactions. It is mostly used for bookkeeping as it provides easy reconciliation of transactions handled by our system with payments reported on your bank statement.

In the "Financial history" page, each operation performed on a transaction is listed separately. If you consult the payments and refunds of the past week, for example, a payment and refund linked to the same order (initial transaction) will be listed as two separate items (each on the day the action took place), rather than one. 

In the "View transactions" result list, this will only be displayed as a single item – a refund – since only the last (final) action performed on a transaction will be shown. The details of the different operations performed on a transaction can be consulted in the order details.

View transactions Financial history

View and select general transaction data

View day-by-day lists of (actions performed on) transactions

Locate a specific transaction

Ideal for bookkeeping because of easy reconciliation with payments on your bank statement

Perform maintenance: data capture, refund, etc.


Transaction list:
Only last transaction operation displayed (if "Last one" box was ticked)

Transaction list:
Each transaction operation listed separately and chronologically (see example)

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