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3. Via e-Commerce

3.1 Input

In order to create a subscription via e-Commerce, an initial transaction must be performed. In case of e-Commerce, if the initial transaction is not successful the subscription will not be created.

Tip: If you do not wish to perform an actual transaction at the time of the subscription creation, you may submit an amount of €0, which will then only validate the card; the transaction will not be submitted to the acquirer.

The following data must be sent along with the transaction in order to create a subscription:

Field Description Format
SUBSCRIPTION_ID Unique identifier of the subscription. The subscription ID must be assigned dynamically. AN, 50

Amount of the subscription (can be different from the amount of the original transaction) multiplied by 100, as the format of the amount must not contain any decimals or other separators. N
SUB_COM Order Description AN, 100
SUB_ORDERID OrderID for subscription payments AN, 40
SUB_PERIOD_UNIT "d" = daily

"ww" = weekly

"m" = monthly
AN, 2
SUB_PERIOD_NUMBER Interval between each occurrence of the subscription payments. N

Depending on SUB_PERIOD_UNIT (not applicable for "daily" (d) as here the moment is equal to the unit)

  • Weekly (ww): 1=Sunday, … 7=Saturday
  • Monthly (m): day of the month (1-31)
SUB_STARTDATE Subscription start date Date
SUB_ENDDATE Subscription end date Date
SUB_STATUS 0 = inactive

1 = active
AN, 1
SUB_COMMENT Comment for merchant AN, 200

Cardholder name

AN, 35

  • Remember to include these fields in your SHA calculation. For more info on SHA, go to e-Commerce documentation.
  • The subscription payments will only be executed once the subscription status is “active”. The subscription status does not change automatically to active at the start date defined in the subscription.

If the EMAIL and OWNERTELNO fields are completed with the order, they will also be added to the subscription.

Note: Subscription payments will always be processed as direct sales. However, when using e-Commerce, the first transaction will be processed as configured in the Technical information page of your account.

3.2 Feedback

The following parameters will be returned in the post-sale feedback:

Field Description
subscription_id  confirmation of the unique subscription identifier
creation_status Indicates whether the subscription was created successfully. Possible values: “OK” or “ERROR”.


  • For the first transaction, the feedback is returned with the online post-sale server-to-server feedback. For every subsequent transaction, the feedback is returned with the offline post-sale feedback. For more info, go to Server-to-server feedback (post-payment).
  • Remember to include these fields in your SHA-OUT calculation. For more info on SHA, go to e-Commerce documentation.

*Call Charges: The following is a guide to call charge information from Business landlines within the UK.

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