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4. Via Batch

The following fields should be submitted for batch subscription operations:

Field (*=Required) Description Format
1 OPERATION* ADDSUBS (Add Subscription)
DELSUBS (Delete Subscription)
AN, 8
2 CN* Cardholder name AN, 35
3 ACC_CARDNO* Card or Bank account number AN, 23
4 EXPDATE* Expiry date (if applicable) AN, 4
5 BRAND* Brand of the payment method AN, 25
6 PSPID* Merchant identifier in our system AN, 30
7 SUBSCRIPTION_ID* Unique identifier of the subscription AN, 50
8 AMOUNT* Amount of the subscription, multiplied by 100 (as the format of the amount can't contain any decimals or other separators). N
9 CURRENCY* Currency (3-digit ISO format) AN, 3
10 PERIODICITY_UNIT* ‘d’ = daily
‘ww’ = weekly
‘m’ = monthly
AN, 2
11 PERIODICITY_NUMBER* Interval between each occurrence of the subscription payments. N
12 PERIODICITY_MOMENT* Depending on field 10
Daily (d): interval in days
Weekly (ww): 1=Sunday, … 7=Saturday
Monthly (m): day of the month
1 – Active
14 START_DATE* Start and end dates. Note that the date format should be yyyy-MM-dd

All dates are converted with the user's time zone, e.g. if the START_DATE is 2013/05/01 and the user is set to GMT–1, the date/time will be converted to 2013/05/01 1:00:00 (CET).

15 END_DATE Date

Payment reference. You can include date patterns that will be replaced with the actual values on the payment date.

Ex: subscription 123 [MM-YYYY]

AN, 40

Order description. Here you may also use date patterns, which will be replaced with their values at the time of each payment.

e.g. Your magazine [YYYYddd]

AN, 100
18 (empty)
19 BUYER_EMAIL Email address AN, 50
20 BUYER_TELNO Telephone number AN, 50
21 COMMENT Free text comment AN, 200

  • The file should be an ASCII text file
  • The file should only contain one line per subscription. The lines are separated by the Carriage Return and Line Feed characters (ASCII :13 10 – HEX : 0xD 0xA)
  • The fields must be separated by a semicolon (“;”)
  • The fields themselves cannot contain any semicolons (“;”)

Example of a VISA Subscription:
ADDSUBS;John Doe;4111111111111111;1012;VISA;PSPID;ID001;100;EUR;d;1;1;1;2010-08-13;2011-08-13;Cotisation [MM-YYYY];Paiement n° [YYYYddd];;;0000000000;comment on this subs;

Example of a Direct Debit Subscription:
ADDSUBS;John Doe;XXXXXXXXXBLZXXXXXXXX;;DIRECT DEBITS DE;PSPID;ID002;100;EUR;d;1;1;1;2010-04-20;2010-05-15 00:00:00.000;Cotisation [MM-YYYY];Paiement n° [YYYYddd];;;0000000000;comment on this subs;

Note: if you copy/paste these example lines to conduct a test on your test account, please ensure you replace the PSPID and account numbers.

For more information, go to Batch.

*Call Charges: The following is a guide to call charge information from Business landlines within the UK.

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