Last update 6/09/2019

5. Transaction feedback

5.1 Statuses

Scheduled Payments have a single reference (PAYID) with multiple payments.

By default, a transaction with Scheduled Payments will have a status “56 - OK with scheduled payments”. After the last scheduled instalment has been cleared, the transaction status will be “9 - Payment requested”.

In the event of an error with one of the scheduled payments, the transaction status will be “57 - Error on scheduled payments”. By default, if a scheduled payment is refused or has an error, the system will retry it once a day, for up to 10 days. If you wish to amend the retries for all future scheduled payments, please contact the helpdesk.

If the initial payment is refused, the transaction status will be 2 (refused), just as for a standard transaction, and no scheduled payments will be triggered.

5.2 ePDQ account

The transaction view page has a new button at the bottom, indicating how many scheduled payments are upcoming. Once a scheduled payment has been executed, it will appear in the list of operations for the order.

Clicking this button will take you to the following screen, where you have a detailed overview. If necessary, a “Delete” button allows you to cancel future occurrences.

5.3 Operation code

When performing scheduled payments, the initial payment will be processed using the Default Operation code as defined in the "Global transaction parameters" tab of your Technical information page.

Note: If you capture your initial payment after the next scheduled payment date, the scheduled payment in question will be triggered on that same day.

However, all subsequent (scheduled) payments will be processed as Direct Sales, irrespective of your configuration.

5.4 Maintenance operations

If you have performed your initial payment using the "Authorisation" operation code (transaction status is "5 - Authorised") you may cancel, capture and even partially capture the initial amount, but the scheduled payments will not be triggered until the initial amount has been fully processed. Please note also that partial cancellations are not supported.

If you have the option activated, you may refund a transaction completely or partially. Please note that if you perform a partial refund with the "last operation" checkbox ticked, the transaction status will be "8 - Refunded" and future scheduled payments will not be triggered. In other cases, as long as the transaction is in status 56, future occurrences will take place.

You can only refund an amount inferior or equal to what has already been captured.

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