Last update 6/09/2019

2. Additional parameters

To indicate that you wish to settle a new transaction in multiple instalments, you must submit some additional parameters.

The following hidden fields are used to transmit scheduled payments to our system (in e-Commerce and DirectLink mode):

Field  Description 
AMOUNT Full amount to be paid (MULTIPLIED BY 100, as the format of the amount cannot contain any decimals or other separators).
AMOUNT1 The amount to be paid on the day of the initial transaction (MULTIPLIED BY 100).
AMOUNT2 The amount of the second payment (MULTIPLIED BY 100).

This field can be repeated N times, changing the digit at the end of the field name (AMOUNT3, AMOUNT4, etc.).


The execution date of the second payment.

Format: dd/MM/yyyy

This field can be repeated N times, changing the digit at the end of the field name (EXECUTIONDATE3, EXECUTIONDATE4, etc.).

AMOUNTN The amount of the last payment.
EXECUTIONDATEN The execution date of the last payment.

Note that there is no “EXECUTIONDATE1”, as the first payment will naturally be the date of the initial transaction.

  • To avoid initial authorization data from expiring before the occurrence of the following payment request, the maximum number of days between two execution dates (EXECUTIONDATEN and EXECUTIONDATEN+1) within a series of scheduled payments is limited to 43 days. 
  • All execution dates should be within the retention period defined by the first execution date (EXECUTIONDATE1) and the maximum number of days set under Configuration>Account>Data Retention Management in the Back-Office. 

Our system will check that all the dates and amounts are correct, and then process the first payment. If the first operation is successful, the subsequent instances are stored and executed on the dates you requested.

2.1 SHA-Signature

All scheduled payment fields should be contained in the SHA-IN Signature.

*Call Charges: The following is a guide to call charge information from Business landlines within the UK.

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