Last update 6/09/2019

3. Integration: identification and transaction in one step

The following workflow represents a transaction with PayPal Express Checkout for you (as a merchant) when you don't split the identification and the transaction (payment) steps:


You must send at least the following hidden fields (general e-Commerce parameters) in the redirection to orderstandard.asp / orderstandard_utf8.asp:

Field Explanation
PSPID Merchant affiliation name in our system
ORDERID Merchant order number (merchant reference)
AMOUNT Amount to be paid (MULTIPLIED BY 100)
CURRENCY Order currency in ISO alpha code.
LANGUAGE Customer language
OWNERTOWN Town or city
OWNERCTY ISO country code (BE, FR, US, etc.)
DEVICE If the cardholder is using a mobile device (such as an iPhone), you may send the "mobile" value. Our system does NOT identify the device.


Field Explanation
COMPLUS Use this field to submit product/item details. The data will be displayed on the PayPal page.

More information about these fields can be found in your ePDQ account. Just log in and go to: "Support > Integration & user manuals > Technical guides > Parameter Cookbook".

On submission of the hidden fields, the customer is displayed our secure payment page with an overview of the possible payment methods that are activated in your account. He can then select PayPal.

If you want the customer to select the payment method PayPal on your website instead of on our payment page, you must send us the value "PayPal" with the additional PM hidden field. On submission of the hidden fields, we will forward the customer directly to the PayPal website. The customer will be redirected to the PayPal login screen, where he will be able to identify himself and verify the payment.

Important note on the PayPal cancellation button

The cancel button on the PayPal Express Checkout page does not cancel the transaction on the ePDQ payment page; by default it takes the customer back to the payment method selection on our payment page, OR it redirects the customer to your own payment method selection page by using the "BACKURL" or back button configuration.

You can configure the BACKURL in your ePDQ account, via Configuration > Technical information > Payment page > "Back button redirection", and/or you send it along with the other hidden fields to the payment page. In this last case, the URL in the "Back button redirection" (if entered) will be overwritten.

*Call Charges: The following is a guide to call charge information from Business landlines within the UK.

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