Last update 6/09/2019

2. Configuration

2.1 PayPal Account Configuration

You must set up your PayPal (Business) account to allow our system’s API user to access your account.

To grant API access to our system’s API user, you need to log on to your PayPal account:

  1. In the top menu, select "Profile" and then "Profile and settings".
  2. Next, click "My selling tools". Expand the "Selling online" section and search for "API Access". Click "Update".
  3. In the "Pre-built payment solution" section, click "Grant API permissions".
  4. Click the "Add New Third Party" button.
  5. Enter the ePDQ API user name: “” in the “Third Party Permission Username” field and click "Lookup".
  6. Tick the following boxes:
    • "Use Express Checkout to process payments"
    • "Issue a refund for a specific transaction"
    • "Authorize and capture your PayPal transactions"
    • "Obtain information about a single transaction"
    • "Search your transactions for items that match specific criteria and display the results"
  7. Once the boxes are ticked, click "Add".
  8. You can now configure PayPal Express Checkout in your ePDQ account.


  • This step is obligatory. If your PayPal account is not properly configured, you will not be able to configure PayPal on your ePDQ account.
  • The actual structure and behavior of the PayPal back office may differ from this description.

2.2 ePDQ Account Configuration

You have to configure PayPal via the “Payment methods” link in your ePDQ Account. The activation of the payment method will be handled by our ePDQ Support.

Enabling or disabling the “Direct sale” button in Express Checkout allows users to choose between working in two stages (authorisation and data capture) or in just one (direct sale: automatic data capture by our system when a valid authorisation is available).


When API permission has not been granted and you want to configure Express Checkout in your account, the following error message will be displayed: "Error test merchant config for Paypal ExpressCheckout, probably API access to Paypal merchant account was not authorised by the Merchant" 

Note: No end-to-end simulation is possible so use as the mandatory email address to test PayPal.

*Call Charges: The following is a guide to call charge information from Business landlines within the UK.

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