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2. Typical data flow

You can redirect to (or include in) an iframe the FlexCheckout where the cardholder will input the card data into our system. The card data, along with the CVC, is securely stored but for a limited time only. To store the card data permanently, you can flag the Alias as a "Persistent" alias. However, in compliance with PCI Security Council standards, CVCs can only be stored for a maximum of two hours.
Through DirectLink, you can also submit the actual order with the generated alias, without submitting the card data.

Note: No operation is performed on the card in the first step. Our system simply performs a basic format validation, but cannot guarantee that the card is still valid, or has sufficient funds to proceed.

To use the Token/Alias generated with FlexCheckout, you should submit a DirectLink transaction using our standard DirectLink implementation. Go to DirectLink for implementation instructions.

This mechanism is also compatible with DirectLink 3-D. For more information about Alias usage, go to Alias Manager.

2.2 Alias Manager

If you use the Alias Manager option, you can make a checkbox available on FlexCheckout, allowing the customer to decide whether or not to save his financial details.

To do so, in the Alias Manager configuration page of your ePDQ account you must enable a setting for displaying the check box (the default is "No").

Alias opt-in/out  

> We recommend you to use this configuration in a one-page-checkout setup. 

Alternatively, if you've integrated a checkout processes in several steps, you can make use of the "StorePermanently" parameter in your integration, to control by yourself when the tick box should be displayed.

*Call Charges: The following is a guide to call charge information from Business landlines within the UK.

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