Last update 6/09/2018

11. Optional: Visa Additional Authorisation Data

For ePDQ Essential, ePDQ Extra & ePDQ Extra Plus

In order to reduce fraud, Visa has introduced additional transaction authorisation fields for any UK merchant defined as a Financial Institution. These fields must be captured during your order preparation and submitted to ePDQ, regardless of whether you have integrated via the Hosted Payment Page e-Commerce) or DirectLink.

Current fraud detection tools may not give card issuing banks sufficient information to validate transactions in this business sector. With this additional data, issuers are able to make a more informed decision.

To comply with these requirements you need to submit the following additional fields in the authorisation requests you send to ePDQ. If you use the SHA-IN passphrase, these fields will need to be appropriately included in the SHA-IN calculation.


Description   Format  Example
RECIPIENTACCOUNTNUMBER Recipient’s account number OR partially masked credit card number

AlphaNum / 10 char.

If the number is longer than 10 characters, we only pass the 6 first digits + the last 4 digits.

"12345ABCDZ6789" -> "12345A6789"
RECIPIENTDOB Recipient’s date of birth

DD/MM/YYYY / Num. / 10 char.

Division slashes must be entered.

Our system will convert the date as follows: YYYYMMDD

"02/03/1982" -> "19820302"
RECIPIENTLASTNAME Recipient’s surname

Alpha / 6 char.

If the value is longer than 6 characters, we only pass the 6 first characters.

"Day-O’Reilly" -> "DAYORE"
RECIPIENTZIP Recipient’s postcode

AlphaNum / 6 char.

You must only enter the first part of the postcode, up to the space (e.g. 3 or 4 digits).

"MK4 " -> "MK4"
"MK46 " -> "MK46"

More information about these fields can be found in your ePDQ account. Just log in and go to: Support > Integration & user manuals > Technical guides > Parameter Cookbook.

Note: If special characters, other than a space, ' (apostrophe), * (asterisk), $ (dollar sign), / (forward slash) or - (dash) are inserted in a field, the whole field content will be emptied automatically when submitted.

When setting up your account, Barclaycard will ensure that it is enabled to support these additional fields. If the fields are not available to you and you believe that this Visa requirement applies to your business, then please contact us at

If enabled, the following flag should be visible in the Visa configuration page of your ePDQ account:

*Call Charges: The following is a guide to call charge information from Business landlines within the UK.

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