Last update 6/09/2018

2. Order data ("ITEM" parameters)

Some payment methods or features may require you to submit detailed order information. Here below we've listed the relevant fields you may have to submit:

Format: AN= Alphanumeric / N=Numeric, maximum allowed amount of characters
Item attributes (size, colour etc.) (replace *xx* with a number to send multiple items: ITEMATTRIBUTES1, ITEMATTRIBUTES2, etc.)
AN, 50
Item category (replace *xx* with a number to send multiple items: ITEMCATEGORY1, ITEMCATEGORY2, etc.)
AN, 50
Item comments (replace *xx* with a number to send multiple items: ITEMCOMMENTS1, ITEMCOMMENTS2, etc.)
AN, 255
Item description (replace *xx* with a number to send multiple items: ITEMDESC1, ITEMDESC2, etc.)
AN, 16
Item discount (replace *xx* with a number to send multiple items: ITEMDISCOUNT1, ITEMDISCOUNT2, etc.)
N, 10
Item identification (replace *xx* with a number to send multiple items: ITEMID1, ITEMID2, etc.)
AN, 15
Item name (replace *xx* with a number to send multiple items: ITEMNAME1, ITEMNAME2, etc.) AN, 40
Item price (replace *xx* with a number to send multiple items: ITEMPRICE1, ITEMPRICE2, etc.) N, 50
Item quantity (replace *xx* with a number to send multiple items: ITEMQUANT1, ITEMQUANT2, etc.) N, 50
Maximum quantity per item (replace *xx* with a number to send multiple items: ITEMQUANTORIG1, ITEMQUANTORIG2, etc.)
AN, 50
Item Unit of measure (replace *xx* with a number to send multiple items: ITEMUNITOFMEASURE1, ITEMUNITOFMEASURE2, etc.)
AN, 50
ITEMVAT*xx* Item VAT amount (replace *xx* with a number to send multiple items: ITEMVAT1, ITEMVAT2, etc.)
N, 50
Item VAT code (replace *xx* with a number to send multiple items: ITEMVATCODE1, ITEMVATCODE2, etc.) N, 50
Item weight (replace *xx* with a number to send multiple items: ITEMWEIGHT1, ITEMWEIGHT2, etc.) N, 10

Important: Ascending order of line item fields for SHA calculation
  • Please note that as from 10 consecutive line item fields, the order of the fields for the SHA calculation may differ from what is expected on your system's side. Where we normally stress that all fields should be sorted alphabetically for the SHA calculation, a "logical" ascending order is put in place for the line item fields:
    Example of expected (ascending) order:

  • If an item field in a consecutive list of item fields is skipped or empty, the system will not include any of the item field(s) following the empty parameter in the string to hash.
    Example: If ITEMNAME1, ITEMNAME2, ITEMNAME4 and ITEMNAME5 are submitted (while ITEMNAME3 is blank or skipped), the string to hash will only contain ITEMNAME1 and ITEMNAME2.

*Call Charges: The following is a guide to call charge information from Business landlines within the UK.

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